Hi, I am Jamie Self. 

Welcome to EcoCultural.net, the on-line hub for my work in Ecological Consulting, Permaculture Design and Environmental Management!

From intimate gardens to expansive grasslands, from orchards to food-forests and farms, from riparian corridors to oak savannas, woodlands and mixed evergreen forests, I help land owners and environmental stewards better understand the ecology of their place, and creatively design and manage for health, beauty, abundance, safety, economy, and integrity with nature.

I am a passionate teacher of ecological literacy, an advocate for environmental and social justice, and a leader in the vital arts of ecologically-based environmental stewardship.

Please read more on this site about my professional services and reach me by phone or email to discuss how I may support you in growing your relationship with, and tending your beautiful part of the Earth.

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How can we best work with the nature of our place?  What environmental stewardship actions, and when, will yield the best overall results for our efforts and investment?

How can we best work with the nature of our place?  What environmental stewardship actions, and when, will yield the best overall results for our efforts and investment?


Professional Services


Ecological Consulting and Mentoring

I work as a consultant and mentor with clients through all forms of landscape relationship, development and maintenance to provide quality information, guidance, resources, and inspiration for empowering land owners in their management and creation of safe, productive landscapes, sanctuaries and thriving wild lands.  


Environmental Design

I bring my knowledge of sustainable agriculture, ecological restoration and Permaculture together and work with land owners to create new landscape designs and planting plans, and to enhance existing land-use systems and environmental conditions.


Stewardship Project Management

I provide management and coordination of people (subcontractors) and resources in planting establishment projects and environmental enhancement projects, including fire safety vegetation management and oak woodland restoration.



I specialize in plant identification, design, planning, planting and management of all kinds, including expert perennial pruning.


At this time I work primarily with private land owners and managers in West Sonoma County, CA. 





At the core of my work is an ethic of love and respect for the ecological fabric of life, an affinity for plants and plant-based resources, and a dedication to working compassionately with others to tend our home environments and communities in increasingly good ways for the well being of all our relations, and our children's children.

I draw from over 25 years of experience in environmental studies and management; including botany, wildlife biology, ecology, restoration, ecological horticulture, Organic agriculture, arboriculture, landscape architecture and Permaculture Design.  From this background I can provide my clients with a wealth of perspective, tools and strategies to design and tend the life of their place in inspired ways that work with and honor nature.



BA in Environmental Studies, Ecological Restoration and Organic Agriculture   University of California,     Santa Cruz


Certifications in:

Ecological Horticulture        Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems    

Permaculture Design           Jeff Lawton and the Permaculture Institute of Australia

Clinical Ayurveda                 The dhyana Center


Check out these exemplary sites at which I have studied and worked:

The Esalen Institute

The Center for Agro Ecology and Sustainable Food Systems

The University of California, Santa Cruz


Additionally, I wish to honor two of my deepest mentors.

My dear uncle and mentor, David Self, has inspired me through his profound teaching in deep ecology and ethnobotany, and his love.  He is currently the Resource Ecologist for the Mayacamas Preserve with Audubon Canyon Ranch.  His work in environmental stewardship and community relationship to local nature and art can be found at  placecraft.net

My dear friend and mentor, Lee Klinger, PhD, has inspired me through his exceptional knowledge and work in forest ecology, novel forest decline and earth systems science, specifically Gaia Theory.  Lee and his work can be found at  suddenoaklife.org.


THE WORK        



One of the first steps in environmental stewardship is an ecological evaluation of the site and stewardship intentions, which can range from a simple walking assessment and conversation to a more extensive survey and report.  

The landscapes we have inherited are rich with diverse life and pattern from their respective histories.  Whether small urban gardens or expanses of wild lands, we make our homes amidst the nature of our place.  We call this living fabric of elements and all the other interconnected species our 'ecosystem'.  

It is our privilege, responsibility and opportunity to inhabit our ecosystems in ways that do not degrade them.  This work starts by meeting and understanding the nature of our place, and establishing a baseline of ecological literacy to guide our creative tending of our home environments.

I am here to help.  With a lifelong study of nature, over 25 years of experience in ecological restoration and wild land management, and over 17 years experience in organic agriculture and horticulture, I can offer insight and perspective on current ecological balance and features of a landscape, land-use history, and provide guidance for responsible land use planning and management questions.  What species are here?  How to efficiently encourage existing positive aspects of place and discourage challenging aspects?  Where to locate and how to establish key features in the landscape with respect to natural patterns of water and light and wind and soil?  What species work well together in plantings and are optimal for local conditions?  How to reduce wild fire risk while improving quality of wildlife habitat and preserving future old growth trees?  

I can help you answer these questions and more, to provide a framework for environmental design and stewardship planning. 


Environmental Design


Environmental Design concerns all aspects of interacting with the balance of nature around our homes, farms, businesses and community with awareness and intention.  

I draw upon Ecological principles and Permaculture Design methods to help organize and illustrate the potential of a property owner's vision with respect for the nature of their land.

As needed, I will produce simple, functional maps and illustrations to aid in land use planning to address wild vegetation management, productive garden and orchard design, perennial plant placement, tree care, access, water stewardship and irrigation, light and view shed management, wind mitigation, fire safety, native habitat conservation, animals inclusion, invasive species management, sanctuary making, and more.  



Sustainable landscape design, establishment and management depend on both a sound ecological basis and cultural values.  With years of experience doing and leading the work of landscape and vegetation management, and witnessing our scientific understandings and technologies evolve, I have found that our culture of relating to environmental management itself requires stewardship as well as the land.  Many of us are endowed with the ability to handle tools, but what is of deep importance is how we use our tools to affect the world.  And when.  Tending life is an art that benefits greatly from knowing life intimately.  I have come to appreciate the perspective on our collective relationship with altering landscapes as a deeply cultural act of influencing ecological balance, which I refer to collectively as EcoCultural Stewardship.  We can influence what species survive and thrive, including the establishment and abundance of culturally significant food and medicine, and other functioning plants.  Our actions can degrade or enhance habitat for native species, and likewise degrade or enhance the productivity of our home environments for our families and future generations.

I can provide the ecologically-based guidance and ethical leadership in stewardship management, coordinating with other professionals for defining and creating landscapes that reflect a harmony of the land manager's intentions of productivity, and conservation, order, economy and functional wildness.



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